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Learn About Retreading

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Retreading, or the remanufacturing of a previously worn tire to extend its lifespan, is a great way to make the most of your vehicles without compromising your safety. It also allows you to lessen your carbon footprint. Learn more about retreading at New Holland Tire Inc, a trusted tire distributor in Terre Hill, PA and Sumner, GA. We can give you all the information you need about the retreading process.

Information on Tire Retreading

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At New Holland Tire Inc, each retreading job starts with a safety inspection before your tires’ old treads are buffed away. New rubber treads are then applied to the bare casing of your tires using specialized machinery. Shortly after, your tires will be road-ready once again. If you have further retreading inquiries, contact us. We have staff members fluent in English and Spanish ready to address your concerns from Mondays to Saturdays.

Our License and Reporting Information

Alabama Scrap Tire Permit S0000044615

Florida Department of Environmental Protection: scrap tire approval WTT0061 (Bonded)

Georgia Processor Permit 159-001-STP (Home State)

Missouri License 1619003000 (Bonded)

Pennsylvania DEP: authorization number WTT2143 & DEP client number 329701 (Home State)

All scrap tires are reported on our PA and GA reports as accumulated from inside and outside the home state. Some states may require additional reporting and we oblige with each jurisdiction.

New Holland Tire Inc. is an authorized manufacturer and Scrap Tire approved for disposal of tires in a proper and environmentally safe manner. Quarterly and monthly forms are filled out and filed with GNR. We file monthly with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. All other states are on an annual basis for reporting.

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